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Monday, March 14, 2011

Picked up a shift...

So it turns out I was able to pick up a opening shift today from 6am-10am before my classes began for the day. Today, for my break i picked up a small tub of cottage cheese and some fresh, raw broccoli. STOP! don't close the tab just yet, give me a few minutes to defend this undeservingly ostracized cottage cheese before everyone starts hating..

1. Cottage cheese =/= (does not equal) cottage cheese legs.
2. Cottage cheese is a significant source of B vitamins.
3. Excellent source of proteins, namely casein proteins.
4. It's delicious!!
5. Great protein:calorie ratio

As stated earlier, cottage cheese is extremely healthy, in contrast to what most people think or have heard about it. The only downside to cottage cheese would be its high sodium content, but if that is not a problem for you, cottage cheese should be a staple in your diet. I eat cottage cheese every day, at any time of the day. Its casein proteins make it a great late night snack, and it can also be a healthy dipping alternative to ranch dressing.

Dipping Alternative.
I chose the fresh raw broccoli to dip in my cottage cheese today. Contrary to popular belief, The orange is not the king of vitamin C. A serving of broccoli has more vitamin C than a serving of oranges! Broccoli is also a good source of protein and is also low in saturated fats and cholesterol.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011


My name is Matt and I am a full-time student, athlete, and work part time at a grocery store as a bagger. On short weekday shifts, I typically get a short ten minute break. On these breaks, I like to discover quick new healthy snacks that I would be able to both buy and eat in the break room within my ten allotted minutes.

These aforementioned snacks will be the focus of this blog. I will regularly post what I decide to eat, the cost, calorie count, and other nutritional information. In keeping this intro quick and to the point, I will see you all on Wednesday for my next shift and first blog post!